NASCLA Examinations

NASCLA Examinations For Contractors

The National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) developed and implemented a General  Building Contractor Exam. This exam is currently acknowledged in seventeen states. However, the ultimate goal is nationwide acceptance and NASCLA is currently working on this process. An important aspect to remember about NASCLA, it is only an exam. All licensing and regulatory requirements must still be met after taking this test. NCL can provide a complete package that consists of: Purchasing Exam Materials and Prep, Registering and Scheduling the exam, Preparing and Processing your state license application.

The NASCLA-Accredited Examination Program was designed to assist contractors who need to be licensed in multiple jurisdictions. Contractors who take the accredited examination can access NASCLA’s examination database (NED) and request that their results be sent to other jurisdictions that accept the examination, thereby reducing redundant licensing requirements.

While almost every state requires an applicant to take their Business and Law Exam, a passing score on the NASCLA will eliminate the necessity to take another trade exam from any state agency accepting NASCLA.

Nationwide Contractor Licensing specializes in NASCLA assistance. Our firm has processed every NASCLA state for clients. We work closely with, a prominent exam prep specialist, to keep up to date on the latest NASCLA references.

If you are a Residential or Heavy/Civil Contractor, it may not be a great idea to take this test. Check with our experienced staff to find out the most appropriate licensing for the state you are working in before jumping into this process. 

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