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Indiana Building Contractor License Expertise | NCL Nationwide Contractor Licensing

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Indiana Contractor License

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Navigating Indiana's unique contractor licensing process with the expertise of Nationwide Contractor Licensing

In Indiana, the process for obtaining a Contractor’s License is unique in that it relies heavily on local regulations and not state standards. Unlike many states, Indiana does not have a statewide requirement for a General Contractor License. Instead, Contractor Licenses, including specializations such as HVAC, Roofing, and Home Improvement, are handled at the municipal or county level. This means that specific Indiana Contractor License Requirements may vary by location.

Nationwide’s services are particularly useful in Indiana, where the absence of a centralized contractor registry makes understanding and complying with local regulations crucial. Whether a company is seeking a General Construction License, GC License, or a more specialized Contractor Certification, Nationwide’s expertise can streamline the process, ensuring that all legal and regulatory requirements are efficiently met. This support is critical for contractors to operate legally and grow their businesses in various Indiana locations.

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NCL can assist you with the following licensing classifications:

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Consolidated City Of Indianapolis

The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS) licenses businesses and individuals engaged in construction activity in the Consolidated City of Indianapolis. This does not include the cities of Lawrence, Beech Grove, Speedway, and Southport. The contractor license types include general, electrical, heating and cooling (HVACR), wrecking, and plumbing.

Allen County
The Building Department was created to administer and enforce building, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, sanitation, sign codes and standards, to provide minimum standards for the protection of life, limb, health, environment, public safety and welfare, and for the conservation of energy in the design and construction of buildings and structures.

City Of East Chicago
Pursuant to Title 5, Business Taxes, Licenses and Regulations, of the East Chicago, Indiana Municipal Code, it is unlawful for any person to engage in the business of a building contractor in the City without having a license. All contractor licenses are valid from January 1st to December 31st of each year. Licenses include General, Subcontractor, HVAC, Electrical.

The office of the Building Commissioner has a variety of duties, which in general are related to the regulation and enforcement of State adopted building codes, Clarksville’s zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations. The office grants mechanical, electrical and plumbing licenses to contractors. In addition, required permits for various construction or remodeling projects are issued through the Building Commissioner.

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Cities Columbus, Crown Pointe, Beech Grove, Elkhart

As a cooperative effort between jurisdictions offering licenses for electrical contractors, several area departments have standardized the testing requirements for the licenses. Individual licenses may still be required, but the necessity for retaking tests will be eliminated and qualifying for a license may now be simplified. Each jurisdiction may have individual requirements for a license and some jurisdictions only offer a Master Electrician license. Check with each jurisdiction in which you wish to be licensed for their available types of license. The minimum passing score for these examinations is seventy five percent (75%).

Crown Pointe
Industries regulated: General Combination, General Residential, Electrical, Concrete, Carpentry Combo, Carpentry Framing, HVAC, Decks, Masonry ,Roofing & Siding, Drywall, Fireplace, Glazing, Swimming Pool. Contractor Exams shall be given on every Friday that the Planning and Building Department is open for business.

City Of Beech Grove
Electrical, HVAC, General Contractor, Plumbing Contractors are licensed.

City Of Elkhart
The City of Elkhart currently issues licenses for Electrical and HVAC Contractors only. They also register State Licensed Plumbers and bonded Demolition Contractors. Electrical licensing is done by the Electrical Exam Board and Mechanical (HVAC) licensing is done by the Mechanical Exam Board. All licensing and registrations are renewed yearly and also done by the staff in the Permit Center.

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Cities Evansville, Fishers, Gary

Contractors and tradesmen must pass a written exam and verification of experience. In addition, provide proof of proper insurance, bond and Worker’s Compensation insurance. Licenses Categories and definitions for Evansville, Indiana.

Contractors and any permit holders (except a homeowner who is performing the work themselves) must be registered to perform work in the City of Fishers.

Tested Licenses: Demolition* Mechanical -Limited* Drywall* Mechanical –Unlimited* Electrical * Roofing -Limited* Fire Protection Systems* Roofing -Unlimited* General Contractor –Limited* General Contractor.

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Cities of Hammond, Town Of Hebron, Jasper, Jeffersonville, LaPorte

City Of Hammond

Type of contractors license:

  • Residential General
  • Commercial General
  • Drywall & Metal Studs
  • Electrical
  • Residential HVAC
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Exterior Remodeling
  • Residential Roofing
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Concrete
  • Masonry

Town Of Hebron
The Contractor’s License will expire on December 31st of each year, and the new license will be in effect January 1st to December 31st of the year you are applying. The annual renewal fee for a Contractor License is $50.00. If you are a new contractor who has never been licensed with the Town, the fee is $75.00. Proof of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000/$2,000,000.

The Building Department regulates licensing for Gas Contractors only.

All contractors performing work in the city of Jeffersonville are required to be licensed in the city and insured. Licenses are required for general contractors, plumbers, heating and air technicians, electricians and stormwater inspectors. Each field has specific qualifications and fees associated with licensing.

All contractors and sub-contractors must be registered with the City of La Porte to do work with the city limits.

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Cities of Merrillville, Michigan, Mishawaka, Monroe County, Muncie

The Planning and Building Department regulates General Contractors, Subcontractors, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Contractors.

Michigan City
Michigan City Building Department registers the following trades: Building Contractor, Sign Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Sewer-Excavating Contractor. Exams are required for the following trades: Mechanical and Electrical.

City Of Mishawaka
Types of contractors that require a license are: General Contractors, Home Builders, General Remodelers, Concrete Contractors, Framing Contractors, Siding Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Drywall Contractors, Trim Contractors, Steel Erectors, Fire Protection Contractors, Swimming Pool Contractors, Insulating Contractors, Window Contractors, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing.

Monroe County
Regulated activity includes, but is not limited to, Building new buildings, Remodeling existing buildings, Creating additions, Alterations of structural, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical elements of a building, Placement of manufactured housing (mobile homes), Constructing some types of exterior decks, Installing swimming pools, Building storage buildings, Upgrading electrical service, or Connecting to a sanitary sewer.

The Building Commission Licenses: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Signage.

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Cities of Lawrence, Logansport, Marshall County, Newton County, Plymouth

City Of Lawrence
The following industries are regulated: General Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Electrical Residential, Electrical Master, Residential/Light Commercial, HVAC.

The Building Department requires a Contractor Registration for the following industries: General Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Specialty Construction.

Marshall County
The Department administers and enforces building, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing standards for the protection of life, health, environment, public safety, and the conservation of energy in the design and construction of buildings and structures.

Newton County
The Building Department was created to administer and enforce building, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, sanitation, sign codes and standards, to provide minimum standards for the protection of life, limb, health, environment, public safety and welfare, and for the conservation of energy in the design and construction of buildings and structures. All contractors must register.

The Building Department regulates licenses for General COntractors, Electrical, HVAC, Sign and Roofing.

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Cities of Saint Joseph County, Randolph County, Richmond, Terre Haute

Saint Joseph County/City Of South Bend
Contractors Licensed include: Building Contractors, General, Subcontractors, HVAC, Electrical, Sign, Plumbing, Demolition, Refrigeration, Excavation, Irrigation, Underground Storage Tank, Fire Suppression.

Randolph County
All Contractors must register with the Building Commission prior to beginning any construction or demolition project in Randolph County.

City Of Richmond (Wayne County)
General Contractors and/or Owner Occupants do not have to be licensed in the City of Richmond. However, they must know and adhere to all building codes and zoning regulations.

The following must be licensed in the City of Richmond*:

  • ‍Electrical Contractors
  • Heating & A/C Contractors

*Exception: Owner Occupant Not Required to be Licensed

Terre Haute
The City of Terre Haute registers all contractors. Right-of-way contractors are licensed.

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Cities of Lafayette, Sellersburg, Valparaiso, Wabash, West Lafayette

Any work requiring a permit in the City of Lafayette may require the following bond and/or insurance: General Contractors, Electrical Contractors (License Required), Plumbing Contractors (State License Required), Utility Contractors, Right of Way Work, Exterior Demolitions, Fire Safety Contractors

The Building Department licenses Electrical License, Heating and Air Conditioning, General Contractors, Plumbing registrations.

All contractors, sub-contractors, or specialty contractors working within the Valparaiso city limits must be registered with the city.

City Of Wabash
The City of Wabash Building Department reviews plans and issues building permits for the construction of new structures and remodeling existing structures. All contractors are required to register.

West Lafayette
Bond/license requirements without General Contractor: Carpentry or Structural Concrete Electrical, Excavating Fire Suppression Heating & Air Conditioning, Masonry Work, Stone Masonry, Brickwork, Sign Contractor, Plumbing, Pool Contractor

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