Washington Contractor License

Washington State Contractor Licensing

Electrical and General Contracting Licenses

Licenses in Washington are regulated by the Department of Labor & Industries. Exams do not require pre-approval and are administered by PSI Exam Services.

Nationwide Contractor Licensing can assist you with the following licensing classifications:

  • Contractor Registration
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Elevator
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Plumbing
  • Cranes

Electrical Licensing

All Electrical Contractors must designate a person with a current Washington State Administrator or Master Electrician certificate to be the Electrical Administrator for their company. The Electrical Administrator’s job is to ensure that the Electrical Contractor’s work complies with all the appropriate electrical laws and rules.


In 2020, the Legislature passed significant changes to plumbing laws (SB 6170). This page highlights a few of the changes, including the creation of a new plumbing contractor license. Plumbing and related industries worked together to propose the changes to address certified plumber shortages, expand plumber training opportunities, and increase consumer protection.In Washington, a Contractor must have a valid plumber certificate to work in the plumbing construction trade in Washington State. The plumbing trade includes all:

  • Potable water building supply and distribution pipes,
  • Plumbing fixtures and traps,
  • Drainage and vent pipes,
  • Accessories (appurtenances) within the property lines of the premises,
  • Medical gas and medical vacuum systems, and
  • Water heaters.

What is required to become a journey level or specialty plumber?

To become a certified journey level or specialty plumber in Washington, you must begin as a plumber trainee or submit a comparable license from another state or equivalent experience in the US military for consideration.


Contractor Registration

In Washington State, general and specialty contractors must register with L&I. Contractor Licenses Regulated.

  • general contractor can perform or supervise numerous building trades or crafts.
  • specialty contractor can perform one building trade or craft.



Licensing Boards
Department of Transportation
Department of Labor and Industries – Specialty Compliance Services Division Contractor Registration Section