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Alarm, Fire, Electrical, and General Contracting License

Are you looking for the requirements for a license in Missouri? Are you interested in obtaining a contractor’s license in the State of Missouri? Will you need help with the Missouri reciprocity procedures? Does your business need a qualified listed agent? Do you need help forming a corporation, LLC, or partnership? Does your business in Missouri need a surety bond?

Missouri regulates most professions at the local level. Electrical

Office of Statewide Electrical Contractors

Each corporation, firm, institution, organization, company, or representative thereof engaging in electrical contracting shall have in its employ, at a supervisory level, at least one electrical contractor who possesses a statewide license in accordance with sections 324.900 to 324.945. A statewide licensed electrical contractor shall represent only one firm, company, corporation, institution, or organization at one time.

Like for Like Licensing Endorsement and Now Accepting the NASCLA!

NCL offers contractor licensing application assistance in Electrical, Burglar Alarm, and Construction license classifications. We offer over 25 years in the Electrical and Construction Licensing Industry. NCL has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to help get you licensed.

NCL can assist you with the following licensing classifications:

  • General Contractor
  • Electrical
  • Fire
  • Limited Energy
  • Alarm
  • All Construction related licenses

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