Mold Remediation License

Who Needs a Mold Remediation License

Mold remediation means the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or other treatment, including preventive activities, of mold or mold-contaminated matter that was not purposely grown at that location. The terms “mold abatement” and “mold removal” can be used interchangeably with “mold remediation.”

The remediation process entails the use of specialized equipment and methods to ensure complete removal while preventing new growth of mold. 

In addition to remediation, some states regulate mold assessment. Mold assessment providers are mold testing companies dedicated to the detection and prevention of microbial contaminants in indoor environments. They provide professional services for mold inspection, mold and allergen testing and preventative maintenance.

Some states require the mold remediation and mold assessment be completed by two separate companies.

Currently, only a handful of states require licensure to remediate mold. Check back often as these regulations change periodically. 

States That Regulate Mold Remediation

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