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About Nationwide Contractor Licensing

Why Choose NCL for your Contractor Licensing Needs?

Save Time

The contractor licensing process can be time consuming and confusing. Here at NCL we handle the entire process, from application to licensure and beyond.

Peace of Mind

With over 14 years experience in Contractor License Processing, our team takes the confusion and hassle out of the process. We are dedicated to our Clients satisfaction and License Approval.

Fast Processing

At NCL, we have teams that specialize in every step of the process. Our staff ensures that your application is processed in a timely manner. We work hard so you don't have to.

Angela Ramsay | CEO

Angela Ramsay, formerly Angela Bragg, heads our office. Located in the Tampa area, she focuses on contractor licensing. For 14 years Angela solely built and ran the Nationwide Licensing Division for API Processing. In 2014, Angela started Nationwide Contractor Licensing. All Contractor Licensing applications for the Electrical, Alarm, Mechanical and the Construction Industry are managed and supervised by Angela. Since 2008, Angela has successfully processed applications in every state in the country, as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hawaii. By trade, Angela comes from a long line of alarm contractors and started in the industry in 1993. She is a Florida certified alarm contractor and continuing education instructor. For over 14 years Angela has learned every aspect of the licensing industry and utilizes that knowledge to obtain licensing in the most efficient way in any state her clients need to work. Angela's experienced staff include a licensing maintenance division, exam scheduling and sales division.

Meet Our Team

Tammy Bagdanov
Renewal Specialist

Laurie Licht
Application Services

Katie Zimmer
Application Services

Christina McGregor
Renewals Department

Maegan Ashmore
Executive Assistant

Maria Bianchini
Exams Scheduling

Amanda Brierley Business Services

Brendon Ramsay
Human Resources

Betty Eskra
Sales Executive

Cheryn Kanamori
Application Processing

Our Staff Can Handle ALL Your Contractor Licensing Needs